Jan. 31st, 2009

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At the end of October 2008 my digital music collection took up 656GB with 137,300 files. I came to realize that I couldn't even name half of the bands I had in my collection, so I decided to weed through and get rid of what I didn't need and/or didn't like. It was an off and on project the last few months, but Thursday I finally finished the purge. Now I'm down to 360GB with 76,269 files.

While digging through the files, I had to ask myself a question I haven't asked for awhile: is it better to have the actual albums, or are greatest hits acceptable? Granted I like to listen to the original works as put forth by the artists, but then some bands were capable of great singles and a whole lot of filler. What about you all? Do you err more towards full albums, or do greatest hits float your boat?

I ended up re-doing my entire "best of 2008" post from a few weeks ago, mainly to fix some sequencing, replace a couple of tracks, and just to make it a better mix overall. I like it a-lot more now, so give it another try if you have already.

Here's another question to throw at y'all: given a choice between seeing the Killers or Colin Hay on the same night, who would you go see? For me I've already seen the Killers once, but that was back in 2004 during the first tour. Colin Hay I have never seen before, and I've come to enjoy his music quite a bit in the last year. Thoughts?

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