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I'll Be Just Fine...

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Name:Rob Gordon
Birthdate:Dec 2
Location:Madison, Wisconsin, United States of America
Website:My Clunky New Album Listing
When I go deaf / I won't even mind / I'll be all right / I'll be just fine

I'll stay out all night / Looking at the sky / I'll still have my sight / Yeah, I'll still have my eyes

And, we will make love / we won't have to fight / we won't have to speak / and we won't have to lie

And, I'll stop writing songs / stop scratching out lines / I won't have to think / and, it won't have to rhyme

When I go deaf...

This is my personal music journal that I will post albums, tracks, and the occasional brain smattering when it occurs to me. Comment if you'd like anymore info.

Oh, and my biggest pet peeve of all time (just so y'all know):

The Who's "Baba O'Riley" is NOT called "Teenaged *FRAKKING* Wasteland". It's "BABA O*FRAKKING*RILEY". Capice?

(Oh, and if there's any music you'd like to request from here go to the new album listing I just created.)
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