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I put this mix together back in September, but was hesitant to post it. It seems to have aged well, so I figured now was the time to post it. The primary subject of this mix fares far better than she did than the last mix she inspiried, but as the year progressed some levels of understanding and acceptance set in for both of us. Let's put it this way: while the last one was the soundtrack to a mid-90's teen comedy, this one is closer to a Judd Apatow coming of age in your 30's movie. Give it a try if you want to, and share any similar mixes you might have of your own. I'm always down for hearing a nifty mixtape, autobiographical or not. :)

Various Artists - A Matter Of Trust

01. Jace Everett - Bad Things
"When you came in the air went out / And every shadow filled up with doubt..."

02. Depeche Mode - I Feel You
"I feel you, Your heart it sings / I feel you, The joy it brings / Where heaven waits, Those golden gates, And back again / You take me to, And lead me through, Oblivion..."

03. Stereoside - Tattoo
"Well the colors match your face / Do they represent you or do they hide things? / And I don't care if you get it off a wall..."

04. Night Ranger - Don't Tell Me You Love Me
"It's taken miles of lines / To learn the right from the wrong / I'll keep you hangin' on..."

05. Billy Joel - A Matter Of Trust
"I know you're an emotional girl / It took a lot for you to not lose your faith in this world / I can't offer you proof / But you're gonna face a moment of truth / It's hard when you're always afraid / You just recover when another belief is betrayed..."

06. A Perfect Circle - Weak And Powerless
"Little angel go away, Come again some other day / The devil has my ear today, I'll never hear a word you say / Promised I would find a little solace, And some peace of mind / Whatever just as long as I don't feel so..."

07. Tonic - If You Could Only See
"Seems the road less traveled, Show's happiness unraveled / And you got to take a little dirt, To keep what you love / That's what you gotta do..."

08. Less Than Jake - I Think I Love You
"This morning I woke up with this feeling I didn't know how to deal with / And so I just decided to myself I'd hide it to myself, And never talk about it / And didn't I go and shout it when you walked into the room..."

09. John Mayer - I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)
"No I'm not the man I used to be lately / See you met me at an interesting time / If my past is any sign of your future / You should be warned before I let you inside..."

10. Matthew Sweet - Faith In You
"I'm looking all around me / And there's so much room to move / But I don't believe in miracles / Should I put my faith in you..."

11. Adema - Trust
"I can't even think right now / Something's got me feeling guilty / Hurt you slowly but so surely..."

12. Brand New - The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
"Call me a safe bet, I'm betting I'm not / I'm glad you that can forgive / Only hoping as time goes, You can forget..."

13. Vertical Horizon - All Of You
"So you say I'm too quiet / Holding things Up in my head / I say so much, But you don't buy it / I don't want to wake up Alone in my head..."

14. Bloc Party - Plans
"Wake up dreamer, It's happening without you / Cut your hair and shave your beard, You squandered your chances / I'll give you a thousand pounds To show me how you do it / Stop being so laissez-faire, We're all scared of the future..."

15. Ill Nino - How Can I Live
"We make the same mistake, cause we are one and the same / But we leave behind the stain That can not separate..."
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