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Tonight I get to see Mr. Jon Dee Graham of Austin, TX perform at Kiki's Righteous House Of Music here in Madison. (KRHoM is actually just my friend Kiki's basement, but the acoustics are bloody awesome and she always manages to get damn good acts in there.) I first saw (and heard) Jon Dee at KRHoM back in the spring of 2007 when he was touring with the Silos. JDG played most of the set solo acoustic, and most without amplification. I was floored by the experience, and for the next two weeks after the show I searched and scratched for all of his records, even while I was out in Seattle! Maybe where my mind was at during that time led me to identify with the music more than usual, but there's no denying the guy is one hell of a musician and songwriter. I have yet to talk to him personally, but everyone I've talked to about him having nothing but great things to say about him. The fact that Jon Dee is able to tour so soon after nearly dying in a car crash earlier this year only helps magnify how lucky we all are to still have him and his music around to enjoy. To celebrate his return here is a greatest hits package I threw together a few months back. Check it out, and if you like it check the rest of his catalog. You won't be disappointed.

01. Twilight (from The Great Battle)

02. Big Sweet Life (from Summerland)

03. Holes (from Full)

04. $100 Bill (from Escape From Monster Island)

05. One Moment (from Hooray For The Moon)

06. Faithless (from Escape From Monster Island)

07. Majesty Of Love (from The Great Battle)

08. Lonesome Valley (from The Great Battle)

09. Black Box (from Summerland)

10. The Change (from The Great Battle)

11. Way Down In The Hole (from Hooray For The Moon)

12. I Don't Feel That Way (from The Great Battle)

13. Amsterdam (from Full)

14. Something To Look Forward To (from The Great Battle)

15. Tie A Knot (from Full)

16. Waiting For A Sign (from Hooray For The Moon)

17. Airplane (from Escape From Monster Island)

18. World So Full (from The Great Battle)

Check out Jon Dee's Amazon Music Store!!!

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