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A bunch of my friends have a annual gathering at a hunting lodge up in Black River Falls, WI, and it's always a-lot of fun. Outside of three days of partying, gratuitous drinking, and all-around silliness there's always good music playing and, some points, some goofy movies playing on a projector on the side of the barn. In honor of this year's gathering I put together a collection of the notable tracks from the weekend, as well a number of clips from The Onion Movie since, well, one can only watch Kentucky Fried Movie so many times. ;) Enjoy!

Various Artists - Black River Falls 2009 Compilation

1. Dialogue From The Onion Movie - Internet Outage (0:18)
2. Gwar - The Salaminizer (3:34)
3. Dialogue From The Onion Movie - Cockpuncher (0:33)
4. Mindless Self Indulgence - Bitches (2:42)
5. Dialogue From The Onion Movie - U.S. Military Recruitment (0:42)
6. Megadeth - Peace Sells (4:01)
7. Dialogue From The Onion Movie - Little Known Racial Stereotypes (0:55)
8. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (4:52)
9. Dialogue From The Onion Movie - Melissa Cherry (1:56)
10. Kiss - Strutter (3:12)
11. Dialogue From The Onion Movie - Al Quatia Training Video (1:28)
12. Massive Attack - Teardrop (5:30)
13. Dialogue From The Onion Movie - Focus On Film (1:25)
14. Alice In Chains - Sea Of Sorrow (5:49)
15. Dialogue From The Onion Movie - Kostmans, The Penis People (0:44)
16. Journey - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (5:26)
17. Dialogue From The Onion Movie - Alzheimer's Rally In Washington (0:35)
18. The Dead Milkmen - Bitchin' Camaro (2:59)
19. Dialogue From Predator - Mack & Long Tall Sally (0:26)
20. Little Richard - Long Tall Sally (2:10)
21. Dialogue From The Onion Movie - The Final Word From Steven Segal (1:29)
22. Van Halen - Can't Stop Lovin' You (4:07)
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