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Holy crap! I'm not dead. ;) I've been pretty busy with work and buying a house lately, so I've let this blog slip (again). Thing is I miss posting what I've been listening to on here, so I'm going to try and work my way back into it again. Posting might be spotty yet over the next month, but I'll try and work through it.

This song has been on repeat in my head for a month. Too bad I didn't know about those guys back in 2005 when they were still together.

I saw the latest Transformers movie last week, and while I'll spare you all from my actual feelings on it ("GAH! THE PAIN!"), I will share a few tracks from the soundtrack that I found intriguing:
Cheap Trick - Transformers Theme (interesting choice to do the old theme)
Linkin Park - New Divide (not exactly new ground for them, but a solid track nonetheless)
The Used - Burning Down The House (Yeah, they covered Talking Heads...)

If that Used cover hurt the 'drums a bit, soothe them with the Cloud Room's take on New Order's "Blue Monday". Much, MUCH better.

Another band I rediscovered recently (and has been defunct for nearly four years) was Gratitude. Featuring former Far singer Jonah Montanagra the band doesn't sound too dissimilar from that band or Cave In or others of their ilk. Musically and lyrically the band doesn't really cover any new territory than any of those other bands, but it's still quite the tasty listening experience:
Gratitude - Drive Away
Gratitude - Last
Gratitude - Feel Alright
Gratitude - Someone To Love

I heard this track by the Limousines recently. Some clever lyrics in there. I'm looking forward to their first album now. Anything else caught your attention? (Yes, YOU faithful reader! Please share!)

After this past weekend with a group of my friends I can't figure out why I can still tolerate this song. Seriously, hearing a Haggar-era Van Halen song ten (!!!) times should drive any sane person crazy... So what does that say about me?(?)
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