Dec. 18th, 2009

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December and I have always had a rather tenuous relationship. Granted growing up I always looked forward to it, what with all the Christmas pageantry and presents and seeing my family from out of state. As the years progressed, the shine started to wear off from Christmas, the onset of Wisconsin winters approached with increasing trepidation each successive year, and soon the month was nothing more than the last 31 days of malaise before the new year. It's not to say December hasn't had its brighter moments to break me from my disinterest, but all in all it would take a momentous turn of events for me to really care right now.

This year, for some odd reason, I'm loathing December. It almost seems like I've been in a dour mood since the clock clicked over to 12/1/2009 12:00 AM. Why? I'm still trying to figure it out myself. Randomly I thought to search my music library for any songs with the word "December" in it, and the resulting songs, oddly enough, confirm that I'm not the only one who could do without the last 31 days of the year. As dour as it may be in spots, here is a mix of those tracks for your perusal. No, it's not chippity cheery holiday music, but those who don't care for much of the pomp and circumstance can take solace in comradery, waiting out these final days before 2010.



A Long December (And There's Reason To Believe...) )
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Well, it's that time of year again. The best of lists are a-flyin', and as I set to the task of compiling my own I realized how oddball my tastes and influences have been this year. There are a few tracks on here I'm a little embarrassed by and (usually) would deride as horrible crap. Ah, but so is the joy of these lists: they're a chapter in time, a reference point to all that precipitated over those 12 months/52 weeks/365 days that we mark off on the calendar. Alas, dear friends, here is my best of '09 list...

The Best Of 2009...So Help Me )

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