Aug. 31st, 2009

For Chi...

Aug. 31st, 2009 11:28 am
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Some of you may or may not be fans of the Deftones, but I've been a pretty big fan ever since Around The Fur came out in '97. Their bass player Chi Cheng was badly injured in a car accident in November of last year, and his insurance is no longer covering his continued hospital stay. A group of his fellow musicians started the website to help raise money for his medical bills, while Korn's bassist Fieldy enlisted a number of musicians to record a benefit track for Chi available for free download.

If the band's music has ever meant anything to you then please try and give a few dollars if you can.
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I really need to come up with a new title for these compilations, but here's another smattering of newer rock tracks I've been listening to lately. Enjoy!

Various Artists - The Hammer Vol. 57

1. Cavo - Champagne (3:07)
2. Evans Blue - Sick Of It (2:58) I really like this track for some odd reason...
3. Creed - Overcome (3:47) Yes, they're not dead. I am amazed as well...
4. Muse - Uprising (5:04) TASTY. TASTE-E. TASTY TASTY DANG IT!
5. Sick Puppies - You're Going Down (3:07)
6. Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow (3:37)
7. Divine Heresy - Facebreaker (3:42) Band featuring Fear Factory's Dino Cazares.
8. Papercut Massacre - Left 4 Dead (3:34)
9. Mellowdrone - Elephant (4:44) Holy crap they came out with another album!
10. Silverstein - Vices (Feat. Liam Cormier) (3:16)
11. Otep - Smash The Control Machine (3:43) Not the band's best, but then again it's Otep.
12. Joshua's Habit - Drama Queen (4:27) Three year old track, but I just found it.
13. Chevelle - Jars (3:19)
14. Five Finger Death Punch - Hard To See (3:30)
15. Rev Theory - Far From Over (3:58)
16. Since October - Guilty (2:58)
17. Megadeth - Head Crusher (3:26) Typical Mustaine. Not bad...
18. Alice In Chains - A Looking In View (7:05) it's Alice In *EFFING* Chains. I love this track. LOVE IT.

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